16 March 2015

Skating every damn day

Skating every damn day

It's been ages since the last update here...It's been a hectic last few months with bringing to the world a new little sister for Zak and him starting the first year of school (called kindergarten in Australia)

Despite all the changes in his life, Zak has never been as keen and as focused on his skateboarding as he has been for the last 3 months.

I don't update this blog as often anymore as too busy taking him skateboarding every day. His current favourite skatepark is Riverwood, 10 minutes from home which makes my life easier. As he is perfecting his bowl carving, the Riverwood bowl proved to be a great training ground. His goal now is to drop in from the over-vert section of the bowl which shouldn't be too long from now.

Zak is progressing much faster, and that's probably due to him listening to advice a little more...as he has turned 5 he's slightly more attentive and more focused and not so inclined to mess around so much. He's also making great friendships with skaters of all ages, and feels really confident speaking to everyone and ask them for tips. Hanging out at skateparks since the age of 2 has made him a very sociable and confident person.

He's been attending the Monster Skatepark iSkate coaching classes every Thursday evening and that has helped him meet other little shredders his age who are absolutely incredible. He also skates alongside under 14 world champions Poppy Starr and Luke Russell who are both so down to earth and so friendly to the little ones. 

One thing that we discovered about Zak's personality is that he is not competitive at all. I personally admire that trait as he is just simply enjoying the sport, progressing at the pace he is comfortable with, cheering his little friends who are now competing and improving fast, and is happy just doing what he does. No stress. 

Short skateboarding videos and photos are now on Zak's instagram account which we are updating on a regular basis. So follow his progress on https://instagram.com/zaksimcox/

Xmas party at the iSkate night - Monster Skatepark

Rock to Fakie at Riverwood skatepark  
Proud big brother 

Manual at Rockdale

21 September 2014

Zak, our amazing 4 year old skater in Sydney Australia

A well overdue video of what Zak has been up to since February. We've been so busy taking him places to skate that little or no time has remained for editing this blog.

Just assume if we're not here posting updates, it's because we're out and about with our boy taking him to different skateparks around Sydney and beyond.

Until next time!!

08 February 2014

Zak skating bowls and mini ramps

Zak's latest video...3 months after his 4th birthday, getting really confident with his bowl skating. So happy to see him have so much fun on his board. More news to follow soon!

25 January 2014

Happy New Year!!


I'm starting my first post for 2014 by wishing you all a Happy New Year and posting a video I found buried amidst hundreds and hundreds of video clips in my hard drive...

The funny thing I had totally forgotten I had introduced Zak to his dad's board so early on...I had no idea then that things would shape up the way they did...3 years on and I can't believe how fast time how has flown...and my little baby is now so independent and so confident...it's heartbreaking not to be able to stop time and make it slow down a bit so that we can make the most out of these incredible first few years of a child's life.

I'll post a new video soon...just collecting the last bits of footage of Zak starting to carve bowls around Sydney...he's improved dramatically since my last video...


25 December 2013

Happy Christmas 2013

Tiny santa Zak 

Zak and I went to our local skatepark on Christmas' Eve to put this little video together and wish our family and friends across the world a very very merry Christmas. Missing our family and friends so much and wishing they were here with us...Much love, happiness and health to all xxxx 

05 December 2013

Vans Warped Tour cool down session

Meeting the pros...

During Zak's usual 3 hour skate session at Monster skatepark this Tuesday morning, we got chatting to his new hero, 13 year-old Lukey Russell, Australia's junior vert champion, who mentioned that some of the world pro skaters would be having a session in the Bondi bowl that same afternoon following their Vans Warp tour around the country. So we headed there in the early afternoon hoping to see the big guys, especially Pedro Barros, one of the best skaters around.

Lukey and Zak at the top of the vert.

As we got there, Zak had a great time skating around the likes of Steve Caballero, Omar Hassan and the ever so popular Pedro Barros from Brazil completely oblivious to how well known and respected they are, simply taking it all for granted. 

Zak and Pedro Barros

Totally oblivious to the "being famous" concept, Zak was happily telling Steve Caballero what to do... the few people around us were in hysterics when Zak poked Caballero on the shoulder and ordered him to "Get my skateboard"... (me frowning about the missing "magic" word) and then we finally heard a tiny..."pleeease!". 

He did have a lot of fun watching them in the big bowl but it wasn't too long before he wanted to be skating himself, so he ended up spending another 3 hours playing in the skatepark below the bowl having a wonderful afternoon practicing more and more drop ins, kick turns, and plenty of interesting tricks that end up with the boarding flipping high into the air with the very likely risk of hitting someone in the head. I love that he tries all these ambitious things, and I hate myself for not trying to stop him as one day, that board will land on someone's head. And it will hurt. And it would more likely be mine. 

Zak and Lukey watching the pros doing what they do best

Zak and Lukey watching Caballero

Zak and Kip (Dooty)