05 December 2013

Vans Warped Tour cool down session

Meeting the pros...

During Zak's usual 3 hour skate session at Monster skatepark this Tuesday morning, we got chatting to his new hero, 13 year-old Lukey Russell, Australia's junior vert champion, who mentioned that some of the world pro skaters would be having a session in the Bondi bowl that same afternoon following their Vans Warp tour around the country. So we headed there in the early afternoon hoping to see the big guys, especially Pedro Barros, one of the best skaters around.

Lukey and Zak at the top of the vert.

As we got there, Zak had a great time skating around the likes of Steve Caballero, Omar Hassan and the ever so popular Pedro Barros from Brazil completely oblivious to how well known and respected they are, simply taking it all for granted. 

Zak and Pedro Barros

Totally oblivious to the "being famous" concept, Zak was happily telling Steve Caballero what to do... the few people around us were in hysterics when Zak poked Caballero on the shoulder and ordered him to "Get my skateboard"... (me frowning about the missing "magic" word) and then we finally heard a tiny..."pleeease!". 

He did have a lot of fun watching them in the big bowl but it wasn't too long before he wanted to be skating himself, so he ended up spending another 3 hours playing in the skatepark below the bowl having a wonderful afternoon practicing more and more drop ins, kick turns, and plenty of interesting tricks that end up with the boarding flipping high into the air with the very likely risk of hitting someone in the head. I love that he tries all these ambitious things, and I hate myself for not trying to stop him as one day, that board will land on someone's head. And it will hurt. And it would more likely be mine. 

Zak and Lukey watching the pros doing what they do best

Zak and Lukey watching Caballero

Zak and Kip (Dooty)

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